COVID-19 Prevention

We are working very hard to ensure your home and pets safety. We have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure CDC guidelines are being met during all our visits.

All staff have signed an agreement to conduct themselves in a manner that will protect them from the Coronavirus during any service, walk, or visit.


What we do:

Temperatures are checked and reported to the office every morning 

Six feet physical distance is kept between client and sitter when inside their home

Masks are worn inside and outside clients home at all times

Hands are washed with soap and water (20 seconds or longer) at every visit 

ETA can be sent ahead of time for contact free visits 

Sitters use their own leashes for dog walks 

All touched surfaces are wiped down (ie. doorknobs, light switches, handles)

Touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands is avoided


What we ask of our clients:

 Maintain the six feet social distancing when sitters come in your home

 Wear a mask when your sitter is in your residence 

Notify Steel City Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers if you suspect or notice any illness or safety concern at your home 

Provide a sink or bathroom where your sitter can wash their hands

For more info on the most recent COVID-19 prevention and guidelines click here