Gail P.

We have used the services of SCPS for about 6 years, and cannot recommend them highly enough.  Before moving here from out of state, we had experience with many pet sitters, none of whom ever gave us the same sense of confidence and dependability as SCPS.  I know that our 2 cats are in good, caring hands, and if anything were to go wrong while we're gone, SCPS will catch it immediately and competently handle whatever it is.  Our cats also love SCPS:  sometimes I think they are happier to see Andrea and the rest of her crew than to see us return home!

Stacy B.

They are the most responsive company I've ever worked with. The owner, Andrea, replies to my countless texts and emails in record speed. I am SUCH a crazy dog mom and am always giving them updates on my pup to make sure that his needs are met, and I always get prompt, polite responses, assuring me that my boy will be taken care of. They never make me feel silly for being so high maintenance - which when it comes to my dog, I admittedly am. I trust them completely to come into my home and love on my little wiggly dog. They love him like he is their own and always leave me the sweetest updates about their visit. I love these ladies. They make it possible for me to have a dog without feeling guilty about working. THANK YOU for all of the hard work you do and for all of the love you give my little Ferris Buller.

Alicia A.

Steel City Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers is a wonderful organization! Our dog suffers from separation anxiety and is dog reactive. Andrea and her team have given us the ability to take trips worry-free. Our dog LOVES them and is relaxed on walks with them and loves having them stay overnight. We get pictures of all our pets (dog and cats) each time they visit, and the updates set our minds at ease and always put a smile on our faces. I highly recommend them!!

Cris L.

We have used Steel City Pet Sitters for quite a number of years, and highly, highly recommend their services.  They are reliable, compassionate, knowledgeable, and very communicative (sending daily reports and photos, which we greatly appreciate). Andrea and her staff 100% set our mind at ease when they are caring for our cats and property. Everything is always in perfect order when we arrive home, and the cats are very calm and content. We trust them implicitly with our home and pets.

Jan R.

 I was walking our 2 black Labradoodles Bonnie & Clyde one day at the dog park; ended up chatting with another person walking a pup. The woman was friendly and so attentive to the animals. What struck me was how my 2 responded to her (didn’t want to leave her side)! Dogs have a keen sense about people...turns out it was Andrea, owner of Steel City Pet Sitters! She and her team have taken care of Bonnie & Clyde ever since (years)! Daily walks include pics and text about the visit and how these 2 bandits are doing LOL. A huge relief knowing they are in such caring and completely dependable hands. And no more stress rushing home mid-day to let them out; no more guilt when I can’t make it!!

Amy R.

Steel City Pet Sitters is a great service for those of us who love our animals. We have been using them since January 2018 for our cat so we typically only schedule services for when we are away longer than a weekend. They send photos and updates when they visit, which we love! Our cat isn’t the friendliest so we always get a good laugh at how they describe her: “sassy” and “grumbles” are some of our favorites. We know she is in good hands and well taken care of which is what matters most. They also make it so convenient to schedule and communicate through the app and once you become a client they will keep your house keys so you don’t have to worry about meeting them before and after every trip (and in case of an emergency they can get in and care for your pet so you don’t have one more thing to worry about). A great service to put your mind at ease!

Beth C.

Andrea and the crew from Steel City have been lifesavers and completely caring for our beloved pooch. They even came through in a major emergency where our dog was lost by the people watching her and ended up at the Humane Society. We called frantically from our vacation and was instantly put at ease when they agreed to pick her up, bring her back to our house, and spend some extra time with her. They cared just as much about her safety as we did and because of that, I can say with no reservation that they will care for your animal like one of their own.

Hannah G.

I had a great experience with Steel City Pet Sitters. Typically when I go out of town I have a neighbor watch my cat and bird, but we were going away for a long trip and decided to try a pet sitter. From the very beginning Andrea made me feel comfortable. She was very thorough and thought of everything she might need, even getting information on what vet we use in case of an emergency. While we were gone, we got photos and updates and that made me feel very confident my cat was in good hands. Also, they watered our plants at no extra cost. I definitely recommend Steel City Pet Sitters.

Cathy M.

I can't begin to tell you how comfortable this trip was for us. As we started to return home, we knew that when we would arrive, all would be in order. I could never express the relief both of us felt just knowing our home was looked after each day, but most especially, that our "babies" were so well cared-for in our absence! Keeping them in their own "home" while we're away is so much more desirable - both for us and them - than the option of a kennel. The "anxiety" that we had felt on our last trip was replaced by simply "missing" our puppies! It was nice to have no worries! Once again, you've proven to be trustworthy, reliable and conscientious. You were almost too playful and tolerant of our demanding and spoiled puppies because I think they are still looking for you to come by!! We were more than pleased and comforted when we returned to find all was in order - thank you for a service which has proven to be invaluable!

Stephanie P.

We are so pleased with Andrea and her team of trusted employees. Letting someone into your home to care for your fur babies is a hard thing to do, but their service and care allow me to relax and breathe easy when I’m out of town knowing that my angels are in great hands! The photos they send of your babies really are such a nice touch! Highly recommended them!

Tracy W.

I highly recommend Steel City Pet Sitters and Andrea Longman. I recently moved to Pittsburgh and needed a pet sitter for my cat, Paws. I found Steel city Pet Sitters via their website, and couldn't be more pleased with their services. I traveled extensively over the past month and felt very comfortable leaving my high energy kitty in Andrea's care. Andrea mad an initial visit to my home to meet me and Paws. She asked many questions, got to know Paws and explained her services. I was nervous leaving Paws since he was still a kitten - just about a year old, but Andrea sends me a text message during the first visit of each trip with an update on how he is doing. Her visit journals are detailed and always so much fun to read when I get home. I used another pet sitter in Michigan before my move to Pittsburgh and was happy with their services, but Steel City Pet Sitters takes pet sitting to a higher level. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. I know Paws is in excellent hands while I'm away.

Linda R.

Steel City Pet Sitters is our "go to" business for taking care of our dogs when we're away. We have two terriers (notice it sounds a lot like terror, lol) and they can be a handful, especially when their routine is disrupted such as when we go on vacation. Steel City handles them wonderfully and they seem genuinely interested in the care and well-being of my little furry friends. I have used Steel City a number of times and I've never had a problem with scheduling (they even came on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!) While I'm away, its comforting to know everything is going OK and I've received little mini-videos of my dogs playing outside which helps my separation anxiety. My dogs always seem happy, healthy and well taken care of when we come home, which hasn't been the case when I've used some local kennels. I highly recommend Steel City Pet Sitters! You will be very pleased!

Barbara L.

My partner and I stayed at the Fairmont Hotel in Pittsburgh this past weekend with our beagle mix, Fern. We are from Brooklyn, NY where there are many great dog walkers and sitters, but we weren't sure what the scene was like in Pittsburgh. I had to attend a work event and needed someone to watch Fern at the hotel for about 5 hours, and the concierge recommended Andrea and Steel City Pet Sitters. I am forever grateful to him for this suggestion! Andrea was so wonderful with Fern and made everything so easy. She came to us at the hotel, eased our minds, and promptly took Fern on a tour of the downtown Pittsburgh parks. She sent us adorable photos and videos all evening. Fern was completely content when we returned to the hotel. Andrea so very clearly loves what she does. She treated Fern like her own. It can be nerve racking to leave your dog with a stranger when you are far from home, but Andrea made the entire experience wonderful for all of us. She's AWESOME!